Joe Stanley

Sep 26

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“Confusion and clutter are the failure of design, not the attributes of information.” —

Edward Tufte

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Sep 25

It’s nice to take a second and remember that all the people you work alongside are amazing in their own right.


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I met a traveller from way the hell off

who said: two gigantic, fucked-up rock legs

be out there in the middle of goddamn nowhere

right next to them covered in shit some kinda big face

looked pretty pissed & upset & whatnot

all damn covered in words

"yo ozymandias here, this my shit"

"better than your shit, get fucked buddy"

not much else tho, just sand

shitloads of sand all over the place

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Sep 24


Bled, Slovenia by Bor Rojnik


Bled, Slovenia by Bor Rojnik

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