Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said Wednesday that the company now gets 12,000 resumes a week, about a fivefold increase since she took the top job in July 2012. The tech giant currently has 12,000 employees, so “for every job we have, we get a resume each week,” she said…

…Another sign of success: Employee attrition is down markedly, and people who left the company are coming back. Mayer said she has focused on attracting former Yahoo’ers, whom she calls “boomerangs.” About 10 percent of Yahoo’s hires this year have been Yahoo alumni.

So I have the pleasure and privilege of working with some of the most talented people I’ve known, so when any of them display signs of self-doubt or sadness I get rather confused, because I don’t comprehend how they simply can’t see

how truly great they are.